Study Problems

  1. are you unable to study well...?
  2. are you unable to cope with your laziness problem for your studies...?​
  3. are you unable to improve your or ability for study...? are you just suffered from study depression
  4. you want to be someone you wish to be and for which
  5. you have taken admission in your course... ...but you
  6. are unable to be that just because of study barriers !
  7. you are not a lazy guy, but only during study or when the name of study come to your mind...!
  8. you are not depressed one, but depression kind of feeling come you only for study...!
  9. you want to get knowledge, but find knowledgeable materials boring...!
  10. wish to concentrate but unable to focus on your study...!?
  11. you see this all frustrating and irritating and depressing and so on...!
  12. you think its all the end of your future! You are worried about what your future will be;
  13. but still unable to cope with it all...!?
  14. it really seems the end of it all

but it is not my friend
it is not the end
it is the beginning
of new way new door
to success
to happiness
to joy
to glory
to strength
to intellectual power
to learning to knowledge
to skills
to your future

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